Developing a Low-Cost Inertial Navigation System

This was my first taste of academic research; during my sophomore year of college, I joined the Aircraft Rapid Prototyping Laboratory (ARPL) to work for Dr. Charles O'Neill. I was tasked with exploring the feasibility of an accurate inertial navigation system using low-cost components. While the project was determined infeasible by ARPL after a full year of work, I gained a lot of of skills essential for aerospace research/projects as well as learned some fantastic lessons for project management.

I am hoping to pick this project back up as a hobby in the near future.

The source code can be found in my Github repository.

Nathan Holt (left) and I (right) at the University of Alabama's Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities Conference (Spring 2017)

Technologies explored

- Application of quaternion and euler angle transformations for local-to-global reference frames.

- Usage of data communication protocols such as I2C, SPI, and UART using various libraries.

- Testing of various sensor noise filteration algorithms notably Low-Pass and Kalman.

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