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I am: Adam Benabbou

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Aerospace Engineering Alumnus of the University of Alabama

About Me!

A Quick Note

At first glance, a Home Page with my scribbling as the main picture may seem shocking. After all, the whole point of a digitized world is to avoid having to read none standard writing such as my "calligraphy." In fact, the picture presented above is a slightly modified snapshot of a whiteboard I commandeered for planning the layout of my website (something I often do with engineering projects).

~ It is but a temporary placeholder which will soon be changed. Nah. ~


Since 2020, I have pivoted over onto new adventures which have taken me to a new continent and industry. I pursued an additional masters degree, this time in Strategic Management at HEC Paris. As of 2021, I work in Private Equity -- more details of which could be found on my LinkedIn profile.

While career paths evolve, technology remains my north star. As such, this website remains up, as I plan to resume various side projects in the future...

Previously as a rocket scientist...

I have worked on research projects for over four years (since Fall 2016) in the aerospace field and have had two summer internship experiences.

Fall 2019 - Summer 2020: I last conducted research in multi-disciplinary design optimization of aircraft wings for the Aeroelasticity and Structural Dynamics Research Lab, at the University of Alabama. This project was my master's thesis, completed during the Covid era.

Summer 2019: I worked as a Special Projects Intern at Scout Energy Partners in Dallas, TX.

Fall 2018 - Spring 2019: I was the Systems Integration Lead for Project Hydrofly, a senior design team tasked with producing a Vertical Takeoff Vertical Landing (VTVL) Lunar Lander System. This system will be used as a testbed for future astronautics research at the University of Alabama.

Summer 2018: I worked as a Research Intern in the Aoki And Yokozeki Laboratory, at the University of Tokyo.

More details can be found on my Resume and LinkedIn pages!

Career/Research Interests:
  • Guidance, Navigation, and Controls
  • Autonomous Systems
  • Aerospace Systems Engineering
  • Modeling and Simulating
  • Simply Put:

    I want to apply different types of computing technologies to solve aerospace problems.

    I want to deliver aerospace solutions across different industries.


    Aircraft Mission Simulation Project - STK Grant Recipient

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    I Coded this Website To:
  • Showcase my work
  • Explore the web designer mindset

  • Since I plan to make this website a life-long hobby, I would be delighted to receive feedback on anything including web designing. Feel free to reach out to me by any of the social media platforms or by email found below!