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I am: Adam Benabbou

An Engineer | A Programmer | A Designer | and More

Finishing up graduate school in aerospace engineering at the University of Alabama

About Me!

A Quick Note

At first glance, a Home Page with my scribbling as the main picture may seem shocking. After all, the whole point of a digitized world is to avoid having to read none standard writing such as my "calligraphy." In fact, the picture presented above is a slightly modified snapshot of a whiteboard I commandeered for planning the layout of my website (something I often do with engineering projects).

~ It is but a temporary placeholder which will soon be changed. ~


I currently conduct research in multi-disciplinary design optimization of aircraft wings for the Aeroelasticity and Structural Dynamics Research Lab, at the University of Alabama.

I have worked on research projects for over three years (since Fall 2016) in the aerospace field and have had two summer internship experiences.

Summer 2019: I worked as a Special Projects Intern at Scout Energy Partners in Dallas, TX.

Fall 2018 - Spring 2019: I was the Systems Integration Lead for Project Hydrofly, a senior design team tasked with producing a Vertical Takeoff Vertical Landing (VTVL) Lunar Lander System. This system will be used as a testbed for future astronautics research at the University of Alabama.

Summer 2018: I worked as a Research Intern in the Aoki And Yokozeki Laboratory, at the University of Tokyo.

More details can be found on my Resume and LinkedIn pages!

Career/Research Interests:
  • Guidance, Navigation, and Controls
  • Autonomous Systems
  • Aerospace Systems Engineering
  • Modeling and Simulating
  • Simply Put:

    I want to apply different types of computing technologies to solve aerospace problems.

    I want to deliver aerospace solutions across different industries.


    Aircraft Mission Simulation Project - STK Grant Recipient

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    I Coded this Website To:
  • Showcase my work
  • Explore the web designer mindset

  • Since I plan to make this website a life-long hobby, I would be delighted to receive feedback on anything including web designing. Feel free to reach out to me by any of the social media platforms or by email found below!